Who are we?

Major Ed Chiu and Major Kathie Chiu
Major Ed Chiu and Major Kathie Chiu

Richmond Community Church is a great place to worship and grow spiritually. Our church family is made up of wonderful people from all walks of life and reflects the diverse community we live in.

Our worship service on Sunday starts at 10:00 am and EVERYONE is welcome.

You can find us at 8280 Gilbert Rd in Richmond, BC., 604-277-2424.

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7 thoughts on “Who are we?”

  1. Good morning,

    I am the Leadership 11 teacher at RC Palmer Secondary School. I was wondering if there are any opportunities for bringing in my class to help with organizing, sorting, assisting in preparing lunch, etc. at the Community Lunch? Perhaps a tour of the facility. I would like for them to connect with what is happening in Richmond and where their efforts for the Holiday Hope campaigns etc. are going. To increase their awareness.

    If this is something that is possible, I would love to coordinate with you.

    Please feel free to contact me through email: anaidu@sd38.bc.ca or via phone 604-668-6288.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Aarthi Naidu
    Footloose Organizer
    2015/2016 THESA Conference Co-Chair
    Home Ec/Science/Leadership Teacher
    RC Palmer Secondary School
    8160 St. Albans Road
    Richmond, BC
    V6Y 2K9
    Ph: 604-668-6288
    Fax: 604-668-6488

    1. Hi Dylan,

      You can call the main office and ask for Lennie Cristobal, who is in charge of Kettles – 604-277-2424. I’ll also give him your email and ask him to contact you.
      Major Kathie

  2. Are you in a position to accept donated furniture? I have several pieces that I would consider donating to an appropriate charity. It is all in very good condition.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Sorry, we do not accept furniture at this location. Your best bet is to call the nearest thrift store in Vancouver. Their number is 604-874-4721. Sorry we are unable to accommodate you.

  3. Hello. We’d like to have a table with Hepatitis C information for during one of the mealtimes that you offer, in which two or three of our knowledgeable volunteers would be present to interact with people. We can also do a presentation by people who have been cured of Hep C, if you would like to arrange for that at any point.
    Hep C is spread only by blood to blood contact but the risks are still not understood well, for example it is not killed by bleaching or boiling, and we want to encourage people to be tested for it and keep from being infected.
    -Jessie Rucker, HepCBC Office Manager

    1. Hello,

      You can contact Lennie Cristobal at 604-277-2424. He is in charge of the lunch program and can make arrangements with you. Thanks for contacting us.

      Major Kathie Chiu

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