Richmond House Emergency Shelter

Richmond House-Emergency Shelter for Homeless Men

Richmond House-Emergency Shelter for Homeless Men

The Salvation Army Richmond House is a 10-bed emergency shelter for men who are 19 years old and above.  It is accessible to the homeless 24 hours a day and it operates all year round.

Our shelter provides a temporary refuge for homeless men to sort out their personal problems and long term housing needs.

The shelter is available to men who become homeless due to eviction, domestic dispute, deportation, unemployment, addition problems and mental illness.

Services include a bed for a night, three daily meals, shower and laundry facilities.  A dedicated staff member is assigned to provide support services and to move residents toward their personal goals and independent living.  Residents are referred to and assisted with information on housing, employment, counselling services, rehabilitation programs, income assistance, other social services and community resources.

A person may stay up to a maximum of 30 days, on a week-to-week basis. Other restrictions may apply.

Please call to inquire about bed availability or for more information.

Telephone:     604-276-2490
Address:     3111 Shell Road, Richmond, B.C., V6X 2P3