Richmond House Emergency Shelter

Richmond House-Emergency Shelter for Homeless Men
Richmond House-Emergency Shelter for Homeless Men

The Salvation Army Richmond House is a 10-bed emergency shelter for men who are 19 years old and above.  It is accessible to the homeless 24 hours a day and it operates all year round.

Our shelter provides a temporary refuge for homeless men to sort out their personal problems and long term housing needs.

The shelter is available to men who become homeless due to eviction, domestic dispute, deportation, unemployment, addition problems and mental illness.

Services include a bed for a night, three daily meals, shower and laundry facilities.  A dedicated staff member is assigned to provide support services and to move residents toward their personal goals and independent living.  Residents are referred to and assisted with information on housing, employment, counselling services, rehabilitation programs, income assistance, other social services and community resources.

A person may stay up to a maximum of 30 days, on a week-to-week basis. Other restrictions may apply.

Please call to inquire about bed availability or for more information.

Telephone:     604-276-2490
Address:     3111 Shell Road, Richmond, B.C., V6X 2P3

14 thoughts on “Richmond House Emergency Shelter”

  1. Dear Sir, My Name is Gord Kajel, I have stayed at Richmond House in the Past when I was in Crisis, I now Live Close By with My RoomMate Stephen Nelson on Bargen Dr in Richmond, I just wanted to Thank You for the Assistance that You Provided and Ask If Richmond House is Sold, If So Will It Continue at a Different Location. God Bless.

    1. Hi Gord,
      I’m so happy we were able to help you during your time in crisis. I trust you will continue to do well and if you ever need our help again, we will be here for you.

      God bless you.
      Major Kathie

    1. Hello Serena,

      I’m sorry for the delay in replying. I’m sorry to say at this time there is not. However, our Emergency Weather Shelter is open occasionally and it is co-ed. We are working on finding a new location for our shelter right now and it will include beds for women as well. Hope that helps.

  2. hello, my name is devon and i have recently relocated from Toronto, ontario to Richmond B.C. With very limitted funds and no one to rely on Richmond house accommodated me after 48 hours of contacting them. I now have a secure and stable place at Richmond house to stay while i sort out my permanent housing, employment and social issues. The staff are very caring and attentive and make life smoother for those in need. I will never forget the experience i am having involved with the salvation army. When i am back on my feet I will pay the generosity shown to me back. I will be providing a step by step progress updates regarding my experience dealing with the salvation army and the services offered. Love and blessings!

    1. Hi Devon,

      I’m so happy that we’ve been able to help you during this time. Be assured that we will continue to assist as we are able. The staff at the shelter are the best and I’m so thankful to hear that your experience has been positive. May God bless you.


    1. Hi Charlie,

      The current site is still operating and we are working with BC Housing to find an appropriate property. Things are moving forward and we’re looking forward to upgrading and expanding. For now, we are still offering our 10 bed shelter with 6 additional Emergency Weather Beds.


  3. thanks to your reply. I read that SA is looking for a new shelter to house both men and women. that is awesome as there is no women shelter in Richmond right now. I believe this is a great idea especially to single moms in needs. has a new location been found and if so how soon will the new shelter be in operations?

    1. We are excited about the plans for a new shelter. Everything is moving along, there will be an announcement coming, but right now we are working to find and secure a suitable property. Stay tuned to our website for more information.

  4. Hi, this is Gary Boily and I send 2 E-mail but No respond
    back: You put my name is the waiting, right and can
    reach by E-mail or Text msg: 604-880-7804.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Please call 604-276-2490 and speak to the Shelter Manager. He is the one to take care of the waiting list.

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